The Young String Players Health Alliance

Providing young string players with the tools for sustainable careers.

Solving playing-related injuries for those already in the profession is one aspect of Sophie’s work, but she is also dedicated to providing young players with the technical and musical knowledge that enables them to enter the profession equipped to meet the high demands without sustaining injuries at any point during their careers.

Recent data shows the alarmingly high rates of playing-related injuries within the profession. Each professional started out as a child and a student, learning how to hold the instrument and the bow, the rules of basic tone production, etc., yet these are the questions professionals bring back decades later as the source of many of their problems and injuries. Clearly, many aspects of our traditional pedagogy are not providing players with the tools they need for sustainable careers. The Young String Players Health Alliance is committed to the development of a new, innovative children’s pedagogy to provide sustainable careers.

Sophie is dedicated to making this pedagogy available to all students and teachers, in schools, orchestras, group lessons and individual lessons.

Sophie is the Director of the Marywood University String Project where she works with children in group settings and orchestra ages 4-18. She frequently gives masterclasses and workshops with children of all ages and many teachers bring their students to her. She has run workshops for teachers and given many presentations on pedagogy in Australia, the U.K and the U.S at conferences and private events.