Skype sessions are simple to set up and provide a good alternative when geography makes hands-on sessions impossible.

While there is no question that the hands-on experience is a first choice, questions of geography, continuity and cost all play a role in shaping our work together. Many players combine hands-on time often in intensive sessions with Skype. There’s no preparation needed — just a good laptop or tablet and a little time. If you are working at repertoire, you will simply send excerpts well in advance of the session. A photo from a phone is sufficient.

What to expect

Most players have the idea that going to someone for help with their playing involves preparing a performance, of having something ready to play. This is not the case, in particular for those dealing with injuries and pain. The first session means bringing those aspects of the playing that do not work, “the shopping list of yucky stuff,” the things that need solving. The session revolves around understanding the solution and then beginning to work it into the playing.

Sometimes players — in particular, professional players — are concerned about sessions being integrated with performance/work demands. All sessions are shaped around the realities of the person involved. Players come for lessons from a wide variety of starting points, from severe injury with sometimes no playing at all, to preparing a major audition in a number of days. The information and sessions are structured and integrated to your needs.