It is very common for students to find themselves suddenly facing issues, often due to the following:

  1. Increase in practice time due to entering a new institution, preparing for auditions, degree recitals etc.

  2. Facing significantly more demanding repertoire.

  3. Finding themselves playing in a wider variety of situations, opera and pit orchestras, multiple ensembles, chamber groups etc.

Many students find themselves searching for answers but are unable to find satisfactory solutions. They may be questions such as:

Why do things work in the practice room but not in performance?
How come I can’t execute certain technical passages regardless of how long I seem to practice?
If more practice is not getting the results, maybe I am not talented enough, perhaps I don’t have what it takes?

There are always answers.

The answers lie in the knowledge of how we do things. What knowledge and physical tools do we need to really execute a passage? How can we train ourselves to the point where such knowledge is integrated into our playing, where it is a skill like walking and talking?