The best way to learn and apply the technique is through personal sessions.

Watkins Glen Retreat

At Sophie’s beautiful, 40-acre retreat in Watkins Glen, New York (in the Finger Lakes region), performers, teachers and students regularly come for intensive periods of study — ranging from a long weekend to several weeks. Sophie tailors the sessions to the needs of each person, usually working for at least two hours each day. Sophie and her family welcome musicians to their home. From there, you can enjoy woodland trails, local wineries, State parks, national forests and other delights of the region.

Marywood University, Scranton, Pennsylvania

Sophie is Associate Professor at Marywood University and regularly has players come and study with her as guests at the University (observation of her work with children can also be arranged).

What to expect in a session

Most players have the idea that going to someone for help with their playing involves preparing a performance, of having something ready to play. This is not the case, in particular for those dealing with injuries and pain. The first session means bringing those aspects of the playing that do not work, “the shopping list of yucky stuff,” the things that need solving. The session revolves around understanding the solution and then beginning to work it into the playing.

Sometimes players — in particular, professional players — are concerned about sessions being integrated with performance/work demands. All sessions are shaped around the realities of the person involved. Players come from a wide variety of starting points, from severe injury with sometimes no playing at all, to preparing a major audition in a number of days. The information and sessions are structured and integrated to your needs.