Eva-Maddalena Grossenbacher

Before I met Sophie, I felt several years’ discomfort in my playing and constant pain in my back. I had changed my violin technique several times during my studies and practiced hours, hoping i would find the comfort and natural, free feeling i desired. There was progress in my playing, but the discomfort stayed; the pain worsened and the time commitment was significant. I was so relieved when I started to take lessons with Sophie, as she could give me the right solutions — which made my pain go away and made me feel the comfort in my body I was searching for. Sophie has a very deep knowledge and understanding of music and violin technique, and always has an answer to any problem, no matter if it is in a specific passage or a motion. What I learned from her approach is so logical and natural for the body that it worked in concert situations, for any repertoire, and made me reach my desired goals with much less time and effort, and much more freedom of musical expression and joy in violin playing. For me, she is not only an extraordinary teacher, but also an inspiring musician and person.